inFORM Decisions Launches iDocs SmartRouter

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inFORM Decisions announced at COMMON last week a powerful utility-iDocs SmartRouter-that allows users to clearly define how to process and distribute individual pages of a spool file.

The company now offers iDocs SmartRouter as a standalone software module that offers significantly higher levels of testing and filtering options for reports and business forms. Users of iDocs SmartRouter may direct or re-direct output, burst, sort and group reports and forms based on either spool file attributes and/or spool file content.

According to Dan Forster, president of inFORM Decisions, "Although SmartRouter is not an easy product to describe or appreciate at the surface level, our staff is ecstatic about the tool's potential for our clients to control their output more precisely. Our tech staff can now more easily implement previously complex, document or report distribution applications. Most important, we can now offer a type of document control that quite frankly has cost us lost opportunities in the past."

iDocs SmartRouter is a standalone module that offers tests and filters to draw out the specific pages of spool files to be directed to specific targets.  Along the way, spool file attributes may be overridden, and individual pages of the report or business form may be burst, sorted, grouped, bundled and ultimately directed to a target, which can again be redirected.

In addition to intelligent spool file bursting and sorting, the resulting individually-sorted-out pages may be routed right into inFORM's iDocs Suite products to be merged with business form graphics, converted to PDFs, emailed, faxed, and/or stored in inFORM's iView Web-based archive retrieval solution.  A complete, intelligent, electronic document management system is the result.