Linoma's RPG Toolbox 5.0 Converts More Specifications to Free-Form

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Linoma Software is proud to announce the upcoming version 5.0 release of RPG Toolbox, which will convert additional RPG specifications to the new free form syntax available with the IBM V7R1 technology refresh.


RPG Toolbox is a comprehensive toolset which thousands of IBM i shops have used to modernize their RPG programs with minimal effort. Ever since the first release of free form RPG in V5R1, Linoma's customers have been using the RPG Toolbox to convert their fixed format C specifications to free form. Literally millions of lines of legacy RPG source code have been successfully converted to free form over the years with the RPG Toolbox.


With the V7R1 technology release coming in November, IBM is now allowing the traditional H, F, D and P specifications to also be in free form syntax. The upcoming 5.0 version of RPG Toolbox will support the conversion of those fixed specifications as well, with an expected 100% success rate. RPG Toolbox 5.0 is not yet available, but is planned for release soon after IBM's release of its V7R1 update. 


RPG Toolbox has a long tradition of modernizing even the most complex RPG source code to free form. It includes over 40 options for customizing the conversion process, allowing customers to choose how operations are converted and how the syntax will be styled. RPG Toolbox can convert most operations to free form, including left-hand indicators, right-hand indicators, calc-defined work fields, embedded SQL, MOVEAs, CALL statements, Key Lists, as wells as MOVE operations with dissimilar field lengths and types. Source can be converted to upper case, lower case or mixed case.


"We are very excited to help IBM i shops convert their fixed-form RPG source code to the totally free form syntax", says Bob Luebbe, Chief Architect with Linoma Software. "Besides making it easier for RPG developers to maintain, it will be much easier for non-RPG programmers to learn this new free form syntax since it will be more consistent with other modern languages."


The RPG Toolbox can also be used to clean up old definitions and logic found within RPG source code. It can find unused stand-alone work fields, subroutines, prototypes, key lists, parameter lists and tags. By removing inactive source code, your programs will compile and run faster. It will also make it easier to maintain and test these programs since developers can just focus on the active source code.                                          


RPG Toolbox includes a useful command for indenting nested free form logic, making the source easier to read and maintain. All RPG Toolbox commands, including the free form converter, can be launched from an IBM i command line, PDM or from RDi (Rational Developer for i).


Version 5.0 of the RPG Toolbox is estimated to be available at the end of November 2013. Existing customers (that are current on maintenance) will be able to upgrade to version 5.0 at no additional charge.


Pricing for RPG Toolbox is processor based from $995 to $3495, with NO limitations on the number of programs that can be converted. A free 30-day trial of RPG Toolbox can be downloaded at For more information, please contact Linoma Software at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-800-949-4696 or (402)944-4242.