mrc Enhances m-Power’s Dashboard Capabilities

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Software developer mrc announces enhancements to m-Power’s User-Defined Dashboard. m-Power is a web application development platform that businesses use across their organizations. It creates web applications such as report-writing, Business Intelligence, executive dashboards, customer portals, and mobile applications to name a few.


m-Power’s User-Defined Dashboard is a business dashboard that individual users can control and customize. Rather than creating separate dashboards for different users, the User-Defined Dashboard lets an organization create a single dashboard for many users. Users control which charts/graphs, data tables, and applications to include in their dashboard, as well as the dashboard’s structure and layout.


This enhancement adds new capabilities to m-Power’s User-Defined Dashboards. Most notably, the User-Defined Dashboard now includes:

  1. Automatic tablet presentation layers
    With this enhancement, m-Power now automatically generates tablet presentation layers for User-Defined Dashboards. Logic placed within the application identifies the user’s device, and displays the appropriate layer. In this way, a single dashboard looks and feels native across PCs and tablets. This helps users create dashboards that are:
    • Cross-platform: Some mobile development methods require separate applications for every mobile operating system (like Android, iOS, etc…). Because m-Power creates web applications, there’s no need to create a separate application for each. A single dashboard works with any tablet operating system.
    • Future-proof: The mobile platform landscape is known for instability. A popular platform today might not exist in a few years. m-Power’s mobile web applications insulates users from this instability. Because they operate in the web browser, they work with any mobile platform—both now and in the future.
    • Built for touch: Coming from a traditional development background, many businesses don’t understand the differences that come with developing apps for a touch-based interface. With pre-built and pre-tested mobile presentation layers, m-Power removes this complexity. It creates mobile web apps that are built and optimized for a touch-based interface.
  2. Improved graphing capabilities
    With this update, m-Power’s graphing capabilities received several improvements. m-Power’s new graphing options offer:
    • Better performance: With improved graph performance, dashboards now load faster across all devices (smartphone/tablet/PC).
    • New graphing type: This enhancement brings a new graph type to m-Power users: The Single Value Doughnut Chart. Typically used in dashboards, this chart lets m-Power users graphically represent a percentage. A demo of this chart type can be found here.
    • Support for graph themes: m-Power users can now apply themes to their graphs and charts. These themes help users create a consistent look and feel across all applications, without the need to customize every chart.


"Since its release, the user-defined dashboard quickly became one of the most popular features within the m-Power Platform," says Tyler Wassell, mrc's Manager of Software Development. "This new enhancement improves dashboard accessibility, and makes dashboards even more powerful."