New KeyesOverlay And kLink Features Now Available

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Computer Keyes' new software allow users to generate interactive PDF forms that submit data back to the IBM i automatically

Computer Keyes has just released powerful new updates to its popular KeyesOverlay software, as well as to kLink, its customizable online server software. The addition of prefillable, interactive fields allows users to integrate text fields, check boxes, digital signatures, hidden fields and submit buttons directly into their PDFs. Recipients can type their information into the fields and then save and email the document, or click on a submit button to automatically send their information to the URL that was defined.

A kLink server can now be used to receive the PDF information directly on your IBM i, and then send a response back to the submitter's screen.

Non-interactive documents that have been generated in a word processor can be imported into KeyesOverlay and have interactive fields quickly added to them, or an entire document can be drawn from start to finish within the mapping tool.

Unlike other interactive PDF creation tools, KeyesOverlay can easily prefill fields with data that is already known about each recipient. For instance, the person's name, address, and phone number can be set to appear in the editable fields, giving the recipient the opportunity to make corrections as they fill out the rest of the form. When generating the PDFs, KeyesOverlay uses standard *SCS printer data to fill in this information, or data can be hard-coded into fields that will be the same for every recipient.

When it comes to distributing the forms, KeyesMail can handle the personalization of the PDFs and email them out, or the interactive PDFs can be automatically generated and placed in your Integrated File System (IFS) where they can be securely retrieved by users when they log into your kLink server.

Computer Keyes has training videos on YouTube for all of their products. A new video, titled KeyesOverlay: Interactive PDF Forms, has been added, demonstrating all of the features mentioned in this press release.

For more information, call (800) 356-0203 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.