Surround Technologies Announces New AcceleratorTM for .NET Version 3.7

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Surround Technologies announces the general availability of version 3.7 of its AcceleratorTM for .NET Software Development Solution, a premier productivity solution for the development and use of .NET applications.

The Accelerator for .NET is a base set of functionality, core structured architecture and wizard-driven code generation that enables business solutions to be developed faster, to better standards, and with more functionality than otherwise possible. It opens up the full power of .NET and empowers software developers to efficiently build enterprise quality software specific to business needs.

Accelerator™ for .NET V3.7 includes several new features:

  • New Launch Pad UXAn entirely new interface with a new user experience to match. The updated Launch Pad allows users to quickly access the most core components of the product from a simple to navigate interface.  With a compact or expanded view it provides developers access to parts of the product such as maintenance, administration, wizards and acceleration tools.
    [ See additional media below:  Launchpad-expanded.PNG and Launchpad-collapsed.PNG ]
  • New Wizard UX The new wizard automates more of the process and has cut the generation steps from over 17 steps to just 8.  A new user interface and user experience provides users the ability to create multiple modules simultaneously and add those modules to multiple applications in a simple drag and drop process. Accelerator now enables developers to create multiple modules and applications in the same steps giving them the ability to see and create their entire system from an overview perspective. This significantly reduces the time to define the system for generation and minimizes errors or skipped modules. The overall efficiency of generating modules for a system has been vastly improved by this unique redesign.
    [ See additional media below:  Wizard1.PNG and Wizard2.PNG ]
  • Faster Generation – Generation no longer relies on the use of Visual Studio’s Development Tools Environment (DTE) and has been completely revamped to be self sustaining. Generation is handled internally using text files with no external resources necessary to complete end-to-end generation.  Generation time has been decreased over 70% with the exclusion of any external resources! This combined with the New Wizard UX, results in blazing fast time creating systems in mere minutes.
    [ See additional media below:  Generation1.PNG ]


  • Memory Management Improvements – System resources and stability are always key, and this release of accelerator provides applications with the ability to re-claim memory more efficiently which increases overall system performance.
  • Event Log – A new module to the Accelerator, the Event Log, a new module to the Accelerator, captures all
    client-side events such as debug information, warnings and errors etc., stores them server-side and allows them to be viewed from a central administrative module.  The Event Log provides administrators the option to enable email based alerts based on the severity or nature of the event. It utilizes web services to submit events to the module which are attached to the user’s job. The log provides visibility into the machine name, user, time and information about the event that occurred. Administrators can search and filter events using the Accelerators built in search and filter capabilities. 
    [ See additional media below:  EventLog
    .PNG ]
  • View Settings – Users can now specify how they want their data displayed and sorted by default when results are returned in the data grid of any specific module.  Users have control over which columns to display, which order to display them in, the width/length of each column and the order in which all of the information is sorted within the view in ascending or descending order per column.  All view setting configurations are stored server-side and available to users at any machine they login from.
    [ See additional media below: 
    ViewSettings.PNG ]
  • Filter Enhancements – Users now have more advanced control of what information they are filtering within Accelerator data grids.  With the click of a button users can select which column they want to filter against.  Once selected the information returned from the filter is automatically updated to highlight and display only the relevent information filtered on in the column the user has selected.
    [ See additional media below: 
    FilterEnh.PNG ]
  • Time Zone Support – The Accelerator now better supports systems distributed across separate time zones. Dates stored in the database can be automatically converted to the local time zone of the machine were the data is being accessed. Dates entered on a client machine will also be converted to the time zone of the database server. This provides more consistency and accuracy in date specific data being viewed and entered.


  • Logging and Tracing Support for newlook – The robust logging and tracing functionality in Accelerator has been extended to newlook screens, used for modernization with reuse of existing 5250 or 3270 based systems, within Accelerator. This enhancement optionally logs each screen the user is navigating through,  the inputs and outputs to function calls, and any errors that may occur. The level of detail written to log files can be controlled with the use of logging levels and quickly aids in the identification and resolution of system problems.

Accelerator for .NET Version 3.7 expands an ever growing list of features created to expand and modernize legacy systems.  The Accelerator allows for a range of options, from reusing code in the background while building a rich user interface, to completely rebuilding systems, and everything in between. Additional Information can be found here or by requesting additional materials from Lee Paul, CEO/Media Contact for this release.