Tributary Adds Three Features to Storage Director: NDMP Target, Copy NAS Image, Data Pinning

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Tributary Systems, Inc. has added three new features in Release 4.2 of Storage Director: NDMP Target, Copy NAS Image and Data Pinning. Storage Director is an enterprise-level data protection solution that combines sophisticated software with highly scalable cache and disk array to automate how, when and where enterprises backup and restore data.


A robust, feature-rich data protection solution, Storage Director is in use at Fortune 20, Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 1000 companies as well as small and middle market companies in banking, financial services, retail, telecommunications and healthcare.


With the new NDMP Target feature, Storage Director can be a backup target for NDMP host servers.


With the new Copy NAS Image feature, virtual and/or physical tapes can be created from backup data Storage Director writes to a NAS file server, enabling rapid data restores without rebuilding files.


The new Data Pinning feature provides the option to keep specific data sets in high-speed cache for immediate restores and also write them to the backup target. The data will reside at both places until overwritten by the backup application.


About Storage Director: Tributary Storage Director is an enterprise-level, “Any to Any” data protection solution for IBM, HP and open systems. Storage Director helps enterprises optimize their data protection infrastructure, reduce costs, and migrate to new technologies like cloud backup.


More information is available via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (817) 354-8009.