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From: Ted Holt To: All

When we replaced our S/38 with an AS/400 several years ago, we decided to continue to do certain things the S/38 way. One thing we've done is to ignore the current library (which didn't exist on the S/38), always leaving it set to *CRTDFT and letting the system use the library list without a current library entry. Lately I've been wondering if we're ignoring something that could be helpful. So here's the question: do any of you use the current library? If so, how and why?

From: Matt Sargent To: Ted Holt

We make extensive use of current libraries on our development machine. I create a library for each project I work on. I also have a group job set up for each project. The project library is the current library for each associated group job. This lets me keep my projects separate, since I often must work with multiple projects at the same time.

Anything I put in my current library will be found before anything else in my user libraries. The *LIBL search goes in the order: system libraries, product libraries, current library, user libraries. Best of all, it also works for batch jobs.

The default of the SBMJOB command is for the batch job to have the same current library as the job which submitted it. Note that this is true only for the AS/400 SBMJOB command. If you submit a job in the S/38 environment, it won't have a current library.