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We generate large amounts of paper (so much for computers taking us to a paperless society). We needed to create from this chaos some usable documentation to be used for internal training and problem resolution. The Copy Spool Text (CPYSPLTXT) command found in QUSRTOOL did the trick for us.

CPYSPLTXT allows you to copy a spool file into a source member. You can generate spooled output and copy it into a text member that you intend to use for documentation (e.g., a print screen of a program error or a report which you wish to modify).

Another powerful option on this command is the ability to make corrections to spooled output and then submit it for reprinting. The spooled file is copied to a temporary source member, SEU is invoked for you to make your changes, and then the report is reprinted. As you can well imagine, there are security and data integrity issues which you should consider.

A feature currently not included in the CPYSPLTXT command is the ability to select multiple spool entries. This could be accomplished by adding list functionality to your command parameters and modifying the CL to loop based on the list criteria.