SEU and Setting Upper/Lower Case

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Q: Since CL programs may be coded in either uppercase or lowercase, why does SEU force uppercase-only entry with CL program members?

A: I don't know why the default is set this way, but it's easy to change. You can simply type 'S CAPS OFF' on the SEU command line and then code in lowercase. An alternate solution can eliminate the need to key the command every time you edit a CL program. Go into the session defaults for SEU (F13) and page down one page. There you'll find a setting, "Default to uppercase input for this source type," which accepts a value of Yes (Y) or No (N). Set the value to (N). Next, from the SEU command line, key the CAPS setting you desire (OFF or ON). From that point on, you never have to type S CAPS OFF again for that member type.