TechTalk: Checking for Program Observability

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Q: I thought V2R3 was supposed to have a program that checked program observability in order to prepare for Version 3. I've looked in QUSRTOOL and am unable to find anything relating to this. Any recommendations?

A: QUSRTOOL does include a utility to check for program observability. The command, called Print Non Observability (PRTNONOBS), is in the latest release of QUSRTOOL. See Jim Sloan's article, "Tips for Managing the QUSRTOOL Library" (MC, October 1993) for information on how to order the latest release of QUSRTOOL.

The PRTNONOBS command prints a list of programs in a library, or all libraries, that have had their observability removed. The listing includes a flag that lets you know if the source for the object is in the location the program expects.