TechTalk: CL Source Comments Made Easy

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When testing or debugging my CL programs, I often need to inactivate certain command statements within the program. I usually do this by converting the statements to comments (in the statement, insert /* at the beginning and */ at the end). This can be cumbersome when I need to convert more than a few statements.

Fortunately, you can use the SEU Copy (C) and Overlay (O) line commands to make this easier. Create a blank comment line in your CL program (place /* in the first two positions of the statement and */ in positions 79-80). To convert a statement to a comment, place a C on the blank comment line and an O on the statement you want to convert. SEU will overlay the source statement with the blank comment line. If you want to convert a block of statements to comments, use the block overlay line command (OO) on the first and last statements of the block. This technique assumes that positions 1-2 and 79-80 of the statement you want to convert are not used.

? Jim Schecklman