In this column, we return to our roots with a detailed how-to on installing the latest version of WebSphere Express on System i.

I recently did my very first scratch install of i5/OS. And while IBM provides really good instructions for doing so, the nature of the process is such that a first-timer can get a bit uneasy even when things are going correctly. For example, there were places where the documenter knew that a certain step would take a long time and sort of took it for granted that the installer would be OK with that. Luckily, I ran across Dr. Franken's build log for Frankie III, and he was kind enough to record a couple of places where the installation seemed broken but wasn't. (If you aren't familiar with Dr. Franken or the Frankies—short for FrankenSeries—then you should by all means read some of the stuff on the good doctor's Web site!)

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You can connect and edit, but now it’s time to manage your source. This tutorial shows you how.

Welcome to the fourth in our series of ongoing WDSC tutorials.

In previous tutorials, I showed you how to configure your workbench and connect to your host and, most recently, how to open a source member for editing. Programming is more than just editing source, though. In this fourth tutorial, I'll show you how to manage your environment, including creating a library and copying a source file, all from within WDSC. I'll even show off the versatility of WDSC by giving you a couple of alternate ways to do the same things.

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