Take a test drive on an open source Enterprise JavaBean server.

Whether you have been developing in Java for a few years now or are just starting out, there is no doubt you’ve become acquainted with Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs). As an AS/400 professional, you might be resigned to the idea that you’ll have to use IBM’s WebSphere to take advantage of EJBs. There is an alternative, however; open source options can now be downloaded free for use with your AS/400. First, I’ll discuss some fundamental EJB concepts, and then I will walk through an example that can be applied to either of the two open source EJB containers (container being the proper term for an EJB server) covered in this article: JOnAS and jBoss.

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I’m typing this article on my IBM Selectronic Typewriter because my laptop is currently embedded in the picture tube of my TV set. You see, a few days ago, while I was attempting my fourth install of IBM’s WebSphere Application Server (WAS) 3.02 for Microsoft Windows NT, an IBM WebSphere commercial came on the TV set. Unfortunately, each of my previous attempts at installing WebSphere had coincided with one of IBM’s commercials. So on this fourth attempt, I decided to combine the two media—literally!

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