Noncontiguous Keys

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From: J Sehi To: All

I have run into a big problem. My shop is currently on an AS/400 E45 running V2R2 and most of the software is still in the S/36 Environment. Any new development must be in RPG/400.

There is one S/36 file on the system that is the core of the entire operation. This file contains multiple-record formats and each record contains repeating groups of data. Needless to say, this file would be difficult to convert to native without disrupting the current programs that use it.

The other day, I was trying to write an RPG/400 program to utilize a logical file built over this physical file. The original file had a record key from 1- 10. The alternate index file had a noncontiguous key, thus EXTK had to be specified on the S/36 file-description specification to indicate this.

Using RPG/400, I could not specify EXTK in the key starting location columns on the file-description specification. It demanded BLANKS or numeric data.

Does this mean I will not be able to use any of my S/36 logical files with noncontiguous keys in RPG/400?

From: Pete Hall To: J Sehi

RPG/400 doesn't distinguish between contiguous and noncontiguous keys. Code your F-Spec as if the key begins in position 1 of the record. RPG won't know the difference, and your program will work just fine.