TechTip: Easier-to-Use STRSQL

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Many iSeries and AS/400 programmers still use the green-screen interactive SQL interface (STRSQL). One issue, however, with this SQL interface is that the F9 key did not behave like it did on other OS/400 5250 interfaces. The F9 key on most OS/400 5250 interfaces, such as the QCMD command line, provides a retrieve function that retrieves the source for all previously executed commands. STRSQL supported the F9 retrieve function, but it would retrieve only the last SQL statement--no matter how many times you pressed the F9 key. In contrast, if you pressed the F9 key two times on the QCMD interface, it would retrieve the second to last executed command; if the F9 key was pressed again, then the command source for the third to last command would be retrieved.

New PTFs now bring that same capability to cycle through all of the previously executed statements using the F9 key in an interactive SQL session. Instead of the F9 key retrieving only the last executed SQL statement, you can now cycle through all of the previously executed commands when using STRSQL. The PTF for V5R1 is SI08965; For V5R2, use SI08966.

Kent Milligan is DB2 UDB Technology Specialist on IBM's eServer Solutions Enablement team. He spent the first seven years at IBM as a member of the DB2 development team in Rochester. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..