Book Review: JavaScript for the Business Developer

Web Languages
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There's no faster, easier way to become proficient in JavaScript.


This book landed on my desk just before my holiday in Greece. I looked at it and thought, "How can anybody cover such a large subject in just 160 pages? That's not possible." But it is possible, and that's the strongest force about this book: It's short, it's down to business, it's concise, and most important, it's full of great and useful examples and sample code that you can download.


Mike Faust leads you into the dynamic world of JavaScript by starting off slowly and simply with some basic background about JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), including some "secrets" you might not be aware of. And when he feels you have the hang of it, he speeds up the content and moves into JavaScript functions and presents you with stuff like HTML form-checking, including the shipped jsfunctions.js JavaScript function member. And then he finishes with almost breath-taking examples of JavaScript, XML, and AJAX. And at the very end is one of my favorites: a great JavaScript Language Quick Reference.


I know you all are busy out there, and in the stressed everyday fight it can be very hard to start to learn new things, especially if it requires reading a book of 500 or 600 pages. I read this book lying next to the pool in Greece and got a lot of benefit out of it. So what's my point? It's that if I can get a lot out of this book with my children running around me and the sun baking my pale body, you'll certainly get even more out of it sitting in nice quiet chair, reading a chapter, and then trying the stuff yourself.


JavaScript for the Business Developer has already been very useful to me. I learned many helpful new tricks I never knew anything about. And all in only 160 pages!