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November 16, 2016

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November 16, 2016 | Volume 15 Issue 22

• LEAD ARTICLE: IBM i Staff Changes: The End of the World as We Know It?
• FEATURED ARTICLE: SQL 101: Tools of the Trade – Old, Reliable STRSQL, Part 2
• NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Maxava and Meridian IT Reaffirms Strategic Partnership for Disaster Recovery Services
• EVENT: [Webinar series] DevOps for IBM i: On Git, SVN, RTC or TFS

Lead Article - Programming

IBM i Staff Changes: The End of the World as We Know It?

Another topic that seems to be topping the charts these days is the bemoaning of the retirement of RPG talent. But is it really one of the signs of the coming apocalypse?

Written by Dave Shirey

A certain amount has been written lately about all the RPG talent that is getting ready to retire or die and what impact that will have on those of us who are still hanging on. Maybe it all started with a webinar (the recording's available) "Strategies for Overcoming IBM i Skills and Staffing Shortages"  given by Rob Rheault, Director of Application Services, and Marcel Sarrasin, VP of Corporate Marketing and Business Development, at Fresche Legacy. This webinar kicked off a certain amount of discussion in the RPG/AS400 Developers group on LinkedIn under a post by Kimberley Chan.

Fresche Legacy

Top 10 things you can do to address your IBM i IT backlog today

For most people, IT backlog is a build-up of IT requests from business users for enhancements, fixes and new projects that grows over time. Keeping up with the workload has its challenges: Constant re-prioritizing, competing projects and few resources are among some of the biggest issues that IBM i IT departments struggle with.

IT backlog can even create perceptions that IT isn’t supporting the organization and that IBM i is outdated.

So how can IT address these challenges and start reducing the backlog to deliver on key business needs?

Download a list of the top 10 things you can do to start addressing your IBM i IT backlog today.


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This ain’t your mama’s RPG! Time to move on from OPM—with Evolve Your RPG Coding. This comprehensive new book gives you all the tools to move to a more modern, modular, and efficient ILE RPG. The book guides you through the transition at a comfortable pace, making every ILE concept totally accessible. You’ll start with simple, easy-to-understand examples and analogies to OPM, then advance to complete and complex ILE code. Finally, you’ll go beyond ILE with a detailed discussion of SQL, code organization, and structure. Pre-order your copy today!


MC Press Bookstore

Written to address the special disaster recovery planning issues of System i, this book is your step-by-step guide to developing an effective, workable plan to protect your company's assets should the unthinkable happen.

Businesses today are more dependent than ever on information technology. And, faced with threats from natural disasters to terrorism, IT managers must be prepared. To be ready, you must have an effective IT disaster recovery plan in place, and now is the time to create it.

Don't wait until it's too late. Use this handy guide to establish your System i disaster recovery plan today.

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Feature Article - Programming

SQL 101: Tools of the Trade – Old, Reliable STRSQL, Part 2

Ready for more tips on STRSQL? Even if you’re familiar with this old and venerable tool, this article might show you something new.

Written by Rafael Victória-Pereira

The previous article started to discuss STRSQL and stopped short of explaining a very important set of features. So I’ll just pick up where I left off: I’m going to explain what Option 1 of the Interactive SQL Session Services screen, reachable by pressing F13 on the main screen, can be used for. This option brings up the Session Attributes screen, depicted in Figure 1.

MC SCBG Featured Product

TLAForms by TL Ashford converts your traditional IBM i spool files into high quality, professional forms.

Use a GUI Designer to create forms using data from a spool file and data from your IBM i files. Forms can be designed with true-type fonts, bar codes – including QR Code and Datamatrix, color images, overlays, lines, boxes and ellipses all in full color.

The software generates your forms as PDF documents that are archived to the IFS, automatically emailed and/or printed. Forms can be printed to IBM i PostScript printers, any printer connected to the network, or any printer connected to a PC. IFS locations, email addresses, and printers can be variable based on data within the spool file, data within the IBM i file or spool file attributes.

No programming is required to generate the new forms from your existing ERP, WMS or in-house application software.

The experienced TL Ashford technical support team will provide any pre-designed templates like the VICS Bill of Lading, and make sure working with the software is as easy and productive as possible!