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October 5, 2016

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October 5, 2016 Volume 15 Issue 19

LEAD ARTICLE: Practical CL: System Reply Lists
FEATURED ARTICLE: RPG Academy: Write Better Code—Tips for Organizing Your Modules and Service Programs
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: 2017 IBM i Marketplace Survey
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Lead Article - Programming

Practical CL: System Reply Lists

There are times when you can't code around a system message, but at least with this technique you don't have to sit around and wait for it.

Written by Joe Pluta

Can't or won't?


OK, chances are that if you try hard enough you can manage to code around nearly any system message. But there are times when the amount of work required simply isn't practical. I'll give you a real-world example that I've run across on many occasions over the years and show you a relatively easy way to get around the problem, as well as an additional trick that can help in some stricter environments.

T.L. Ashford

Barcode400 Version 4.0 is the best software yet for designing and printing bar code labels from the IBM i.

Features include:

  • Easy Design with a Graphical Interface using IBM i Files.
  • IBM i Power - Barcode400 resides on the IBM i. Label formats are stored on the IBM i.
  • Many Ways to print - Print stand-alone from your desktop, or completely automate label printing by integrating into your application software. No Programming Required! The Power is in your hands.
  • Print to hundreds of thermal transfer printers and HP and compatible printers.
  • Output your labels as PDF documents.
  • Customer Support - Easily accessible and committed to making your experience with us as productive as possible.

Learn about new Features here, or watch a quick video on 4.0 features here. Download a 30-day trial here!

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Don’t leave your IBM mainframe security to chance!

Get your copy of IBM Mainframe Security: Beyond the Basics today. You’ll learn senior-level skills for mainframe security from IBM mainframe expert Dinesh D. Dattani. With more than 30 years of experience, Dattani shares his advice on important security issues from a practical, real-life perspective. The tutorial format includes quizzes and pointers to help you assess the current security in your organization. 

MC Press Bookstore

Fundamentals of Technology Project Management, 2nd Edition

Whether you’re a project manager, student, software engineer, or IT professional, Fundamentals of Technology Project Management will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the project management lifecycle and how to manage it—from first steps to intermediate topics (as well as some advanced ones).



Feature Article - Programming

RPG Academy: Write Better Code—Tips for Organizing Your Modules and Service Programs

It’s important to keep in mind that the naming conventions are not limited to variables, procedures, and files. Since you’re starting with ILE and building your first modules and service programs, this is the perfect time to start doing it the right way.

Written by Rafael Victória-Pereira

I mentioned that modules should aggregate procedures/functions by action and/or subject. For example, you should put all the functions related to database operations over the inventory files in the same module, while putting all the business logic functions (validations, rules enforcement, etc.) in another module. The next logical step is naming these modules (and the service programs that include them) following a proper naming convention and keeping everything organized in a simple, logical, and practical fashion.