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February 6, 2017

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Lead Article - Analytics & Cognitive

Cognitive Morality

Debating the ethics and morality of artificial intelligence before machines do it on our behalf.

Written by Steve Pitcher

Have you ever seen Ex Machina? If you haven’t, here’s your spoiler alert in advance.

It’s a 2015 movie about a young programmer named Caleb Smith who wins a corporate contest to spend a week with the CEO of his company in a secluded, high-dollar fortress home in the middle of nowhere. Now, the most unrealistic part of the movie would be the initial premise: someone actually wanting to win a week-long one-on-one trip to their CEO’s home in the middle of nowhere. The CEO has built an attractive humanoid robot named Ava with artificial intelligence (AI), and the purpose of Caleb’s visit is to impartially evaluate Ava to determine if she is capable of independent thought and consciousness.

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Feature - Analytics & Cognitive

Eye on the i World: What You Think You Know About Watson Might Be Wrong

What's Watson? That high-end IBM analytics platform that only a global health insurance company or some other giant conglomerate can use effectively? Maybe not.

Written by John Ghrist

I'm starting to be a bit mystified by the IBM Watson phenomenon, and for more than one reason. On one hand, there's at least a segment of ISVs in the IBM i market that think Watson's nothing to be concerned about. On the other, there's IBM itself, which seems to be hoping IBM Watson will be a big engine of growth in its corporate future, and yet, some of the information IBM offers about the platform via the web seems, well, surprisingly vague and even unintentionally misleading.

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2017 IBM i Marketplace Revealed

IBM i is one of technology’s best-kept secrets, with little information available about what IBM i users are doing on this server. Even companies that use this technology struggle to explain to their own teams what IBM i stands for and who else is using it.
The IBM i Marketplace Survey—now in its 3rd year—was designed to solve this problem. Watch this on-demand webinar for the exclusive results of the 2017 survey. IBM i Champion Tom Huntington is joined by a panel of technology experts to discuss year-over-year trends and new insights. The panel will discuss:

  • What other platforms do you run alongside IBM i?
  • What programming and Open Source languages are you using?
  • What are your top IT issues?
  • What version of POWER and what OS level is most prevalent?
  • Are you expanding your usage of IBM i?
  • Is IBM i a good ROI?

The expert panel will provide industry insight and comments about the results. When the webinar concludes, you’ll get access to the full results.

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