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January 16, 2017

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Lead Article - Analytics & Cognitive

Big Data for Small Companies

As a small company, how do we get value out of big data?

Written by Steve Pitcher

Big data. The tech world news surrounding big data is dominated by what the larger players are doing. They of course are flagship examples for big savings and big revenue.

A great example of a company using big data would be Kroger. The average return rate for coupons is 3.7 percent, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Kroger does 71 percent. They target each customer individually and market to them as such as part of a quarterly coupon mailer:

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Profound Logic

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Feature - Career

DevOps: Bridging the Gap Between Development and Operations

Learn how DevOps can improve collaboration and productivity by bringing agility to both development and operations teams. Understand the challenges involved in adopting the DevOps culture and the strategies to mitigate them.

Written by Joydip Kanjilal

DevOps is fast emerging as a great way to build and deploy applications that can run both on-premise and cloud alike. DevOps is a philosophy that attempts to bridge the gap between application development and operations for better productivity and reduced costs, risks, and cycle times. If your organization is contemplating a move towards DevOps, many factors need to be considered before this culture is adopted.

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TLAForms by TL Ashford converts your traditional IBM i spool files into high quality, professional forms.

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The software generates your forms as PDF documents that are archived to the IFS, automatically emailed and/or printed. Forms can be printed to IBM i PostScript printers, any printer connected to the network, or any printer connected to a PC. IFS locations, email addresses, and printers can be variable based on data within the spool file, data within the IBM i file or spool file attributes.

No programming is required to generate the new forms from your existing ERP, WMS or in-house application software.

The experienced TL Ashford technical support team will provide any pre-designed templates like the VICS Bill of Lading, and make sure working with the software is as easy and productive as possible!