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March 6, 2017

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Lead Article - Analytics & Cognitive

IBM Watson’s Fight Against Cybercrime

Watson for Cyber Security provides new tools for overwhelmed security staff.

Written by Steve Pitcher

In any IT system, how do you know if it’s under attack?

That’s really a loaded question. Systems are always under attack. Day and night, whether you’re aware of it or not, people, machines, and programs are hitting any device that can be reached either on the public Internet or on private networks. Old NAT rules on firewalls can be very effective holes to constantly probe a commonly used port on internal servers. Internal employees with computers infected with many forms of malware are hitting every machine on corporate networks in countless businesses all over the world right now.

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The Big Data tsunami is already hitting organizations--a set of disruptive technologies to drive game changers. Business leaders across the globe are seeking answers to the following questions: What is Big Data and what are others doing with it? How do we build a strategic plan for Big Data Analytics? How does Big Data change our analytics architecture? Get your copy today!

Feature - Analytics & Cognitive

Eye on the i World: Adopting Watson-Based Apps - Some Examples

IBM Watson apps available via the cloud are a more viable alternative than many SMBs realize.

Written by John Ghrist

Currently, there are a number of mental drawbacks for executives at IBM i and other enterprises that might benefit from using the IBM Watson platform. One is the misperception that Watson and its associated products primarily benefit only large companies with correspondingly “Big Data” sources. Another is that the traditional model of licensing software for in-house use gets expensive for Watson apps because the Watson platform itself currently runs only on high-end IBM i servers like the 750. A third is that going just by info available on the web can make it hard to get your head around what sort of use could be made of Watson and its associated apps in your enterprise’s specific environment.

MC Resource Centers

IBM i Resources Retiring?

Let’s face it: IBM i experts and RPG programmers are retiring from the workforce. These folks have been managing all areas of your business—often manually and behind the scenes—for decades, everything from IT operations to data and documents to cybersecurity.
Are you prepared to handle their departure?
During this 30-mintue recorded webinar, our panel of IBM i experts—Chuck Losinski, Robin Tatam, Richard Schoen, and Tom Huntington—will outline strategies that allow your company to cope with IBM i skills depletion by adopting these strategies that allow you to get the job done without deep expertise on the OS:

  • Automate IBM i processes
  • Use managed services to help fill the gaps
  • Secure the system against data loss and viruses

IBM i skills depletion is a top concern for IBM i shops around the world. The strategies you discover in this webinar will help you ensure that your system of record—your IBM i—continues to deliver a powerful business advantage, even as staff retires.


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