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January 13, 2017

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January 13, 2017 | Volume 14 Issue 1

• LEAD ARTICLE: TechTip: Trees Are Good for Climbing and More
• FEATURED ARTICLE: TechTip: DB2 Access for PHP
• NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Green Screen Modernization in Half the Time
• WHITE PAPER: IBM i Security: Event Logging & Active Monitoring
• FEATURED VIDEO: Part 1 - Business As Unusual: Success Strategies for a Changing World
• EVENT: IBM i iSeries AS/400 Programming Concepts and Facilities Workshop

Feature Article - TechTip

TechTip: Trees Are Good for Climbing and More

The “tree” command can quickly show you the structure of an IFS directory, but it’s not installed in PASE by default. Learn how to get it.

Written by Aaron Bartell

My days are in large part spent in the PASE environment on IBM i. PASE is based on AIX, and both are Linux-like in their abilities, though PASE does not contain many commands and utilities that I'd consider on the "need" list. Sometimes I'm also doing things on Linux systems and get exposed to utilities and commands that I then desire to have on PASE. Such was the case the other day when I was writing my "PASE Intro" lab for COMMON Spring 2017. I needed to print out a directory listing of parent and child directories, and I knew the Linux “tree” command would foot the bill. Well, I quickly learned it didn't exist in PASE, so this article will convey the…

Profound Logic

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Feature Article - TechTip

TechTip: DB2 Access for PHP

Last month, we looked at three ways you can access data files in PHP: mysql_*, mysqli_*, and the PDO API set. But there is one more option. Bet you can’t wait to see what it is.

Written by Dave Shirey  

One of the primary reasons for involving PHP in our otherwise pure RPG ILE /free world is to allow us to develop apps that have a GUI interface yet access data from our DB2 (or whatever) database.

Database access in PHP is done via an API set that contains the commands necessary to connect to your database (remember, PHP runs on the server while your database is probably local or at the very least not on the same server as PHP is running in) and then access and return the required information to the PHP program.

MC Resource Centers

IBM i Security: Event Logging & Active Monitoring

A Step by Step Guide
Active monitoring is one of the most critical and effective security controls that an organization can deploy. Unlike many Windows and Linux server deployments, the IBM i can host a complex mix of back-office applications, web applications, and open source applications and services - leaving millions of security events to actively monitor.
This eBook discusses:

  • Real-time security event logging and monitoring
  • Security architecture and logging sources on the IBM i
  • Creating the IBM security audit journal QAUDJRN
  • Enabling IBM security events through system values
  • File integrity monitoring (FIM)
  • A step by step checklist begin collecting and monitoring IBM i security logs

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