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October 7, 2016

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Feature Article - TechTip

TechTip: Setting Up PHP Scripts on the IBM i

So far, we have sort of assumed that our scripts are all kept on your PC, and that was all well and good. But we live in the i world, so it’s reasonable to expect that’s where we’ll keep our scripts.

Written by David Shirey  

Up to this point, all of the scripts that we have written and debugged and otherwise fooled around with have been kept on your PC in a folder that your browser could access, and that depended on your operating system.

BCD Software

What's Possible with PHP on IBM i

Recorded Webinar

This webinar highlights real-world examples of PHP applications that have contributed strategically to IBM i organizations by generating revenue with customer facing applications, improving business processes and increasing productivity.

You'll see:

  • B2B/B2C eCommerce applications
  • Inventory, invoicing, order tracking
  • Responsive (mobile-friendly) applications

View recording now!

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This ain’t your mama’s RPG! Time to move on from OPM—with Evolve Your RPG Coding. This comprehensive new book gives you all the tools to move to a more modern, modular, and efficient ILE RPG. The book guides you through the transition at a comfortable pace, making every ILE concept totally accessible. You’ll start with simple, easy-to-understand examples and analogies to OPM, then advance to complete and complex ILE code. Finally, you’ll go beyond ILE with a detailed discussion of SQL, code organization, and structure. Pre-order your copy today!

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MC Press Bookstore

Fundamentals of Technology Project Management, 2nd Edition

Whether you’re a project manager, student, software engineer, or IT professional, Fundamentals of Technology Project Management will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the project management lifecycle and how to manage it—from first steps to intermediate topics (as well as some advanced ones).


Feature Article - TechTip

TechTip: New Performance Tools to Keep Your System Snappy

IBM Navigator for i adds a new bird’s-eye-view performance interface in IBM i 7.3.

Written by Steve Pitcher

When talking about IBM i, it’s often stated that it’s the most securable operating system available, not necessarily the most secure. While IBM gives you the tools to ensure your system is secure, the human element must be considered. This is why it’s securable. Each operating system depends entirely on the system administrator to ensure doors are locked and windows are shut. This fact is true about many other aspects of the IBM i operating system, including performance. A system will perform as well as it’s configured to.

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New Ebook from Townsend Security available now.

IBM i Security: Event Logging & Active Monitoring

A Step by Step Guide
Active monitoring is one of the most critical and effective security controls that an organization can deploy. Unlike many Windows and Linux server deployments, the IBM i can host a complex mix of back-office applications, web applications, and open source applications and services - leaving millions of security events to actively monitor.
This eBook discusses:

  • Real-time security event logging and monitoring
  • Security architecture and logging sources on the IBM i
  • Creating the IBM security audit journal QAUDJRN
  • Enabling IBM security events through system values
  • File integrity monitoring (FIM)
  • A step by step checklist begin collecting and monitoring IBM i security logs

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