Kisco Announces Update For IBM i System Monitoring Tool

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Kisco Information Systems today announces Release 3 of its system monitoring tool for the IBM i platform. iEventMonitor lets you watch your IBM i system for important events and then send out alert messages to let the right people know about the events in real time.

New with Release 3, Kisco has added automatic ending and restarting, using a single command, for all monitor functions running. For customers with either simple or complex monitoring requirements, this makes stopping and restarting these functions very easy. Each time a monitor or watch task is started, it is logged along with its selection parameters. Then, to suspend the tasks, there is a single "end" command which can then be followed by another single "start" command to resume the tasks. This can easily be included to restart functions following and IPL, for example.

Other new features added include a new Job Watch option that will issue an alert whenever a specific job starts or ends. This new watch will then stay active to continue reporting on the same job if it starts again. A new CPU utilization option has been added that will monitor for a total system CPU utilization threshold and issue an alert when it is exceeded.

The Watch Task function has been enhanced with an exit program option. Using this feature, customers can call for their own program to be run when a watch task has been satisfied.

The core features of iEventMonitor have also been improved with Release 3. As always, it can watch any message queue in the system. This includes the critical QSYSOPR system operator message queue and the optional security event message queue QSYSMSG. With Release 3, iEventMonitor no longer places an object lock on the message queue allowing a system operator to have full access to the queue for management purposes.

Alerts in iEventMonitor can be sent as email messages, text messages or a break messages. Multiple recipients can be specified. For break messages, you just specify a user profile and the software checks to see if that user is signed onto the system before sending them a break message wherever they are working. With Release 3, the field used for notification addresses has been doubled in size to allow for many more users to receive alerts.

iEventMonitor continues to include features for monitoring message queues, watching for specific messages at a queue, watching for disc space issues, monitoring for specific jobs starting and/or ending, checking for backed up job queues, subsystem utilization excesses and alerting on system security audit exceptions.

The software is compatible with systems using IBM's i/OS 6.1 software release and higher, including i/OS 7.2.

Complete product information is available at

iEventMonitor Release 3 pricing starts at $495.00 for a single partition license and topping out at $795.00 for an LPAR license. LPAR pricing lets customers implement the software in multiple partitions on a single serial number. Kisco Information Systems offers a free 30-day evaluation of the product that can be downloaded with complete software documentation from

To obtain a free evaluation call Kisco at (518) 897-5002 or e-mail

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kisco Information Systems was formed in 1984 to provide high quality data processing services to businesses in the New York Metropolitan area. The goal was, and continues to be, to provide clients with high quality professional services at a reasonable cost. Our concentration specialty it the IBM i series of systems including Power Server running IBM i, i5, iSeries and AS/400.

Since formation, Kisco has expanded its client list on a steady basis. We have tried successfully to take on clients where we can make a significant business contribution. Our approach is to view data processing as a business resource used to solve business problems in a cost effective way.

Kisco Information Systems significantly expanded its own business horizons starting in 1986. We then started publishing software for the IBM i family and System/36 with several award winning products in national and international distribution. Our list of software customers is constantly expanding. It includes Jefferson Smurfit Corporation, the US Department of Agriculture, Amway, Heald College, Airborne Express, Cargill International, Wyeth-Ayerst Canada and more. We have more than 6000 software installations in the US and more than 40 foreign countries.

In March 2002, Kisco Information Systems moved to new administrative offices deep in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains in Saranac Lake, New York. While we continue to support our consulting clients in the downstate area with on site resources, this move has allowed us to increase our level of support for our software customers.

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