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<p>Written by David Abramowitz</p>
<p>Sunday, 08 February 2004 17:00</p>
<p>These training videos come in a series of eight with three to four Windows videos per series. Topics cover the range of administration, implementation, justification, and programming. All security topics that can be covered are covered, and while I can't break down everything in this limited space, I hope to provide a synopsis for anyone considering being trained in OS/400 security.<br /><a href="buyers-guide/product-reviews/product-review-expertanytime.html"?phpMyAdmin=gz2LoR0nPd7Mytf3oY5-VXr4Fm8&phpMyAdmin=25bb112f8ed566a4c23a789f3e088b21&phpMyAdmin=5b304d525ed15da5c42039d762c13e12&phpMyAdmin=816fdd67911b8b497b9b86b3c350307a>Read more</a></p>

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