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Ricardo Ang

Ricardo Ang


In earlier years, Ric worked as a programmer analyst for a variety of IBM midrange machines. Most of his experience was with inventory systems for construction companies, book stores, and pharmaceutical distributors.
Since 1995, his experience has centered on operations support and systems management for a network of AS/400s. His passion is in developing automation software to ease the tedious day-to-day operations tasks, such as networked monitors for alerts, security logs, leased-line performance, UPS-shutdown/restarts, and disk-utilization. His most satisfying achievement is an automated source and object code change-management system that can work over any number of AS/400, iSeries, or System i systems.
Currently, Ric is a private contractor hired by a large IT company to perform and monitor operations over a large number of AS/400 operations for a big client.  

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