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LANSA is a leading provider of application development, modernization and integration software. LANSA's powerful suite of cross-platform development tools lets organizations overcome the complexity inherent in creating and maintaining business applications. LANSA’s integrated tool set is also the technology foundation for a wide range of business solutions from LANSA and over 300 Business Partners. Established in 1987, LANSA supports thousands of companies around the world with its products and services.

What we do

LANSA has invented a software development process that significantly reduces the complexity of building business-oriented, database-centric systems. These are the systems that run the daily operations of small, medium and large organizations in critical areas like enterprise resource planning, financial accounting, sales force automation, supply chain management and e-business.

The principles of this methodology have been encapsulated in a set of tools and technologies that we call the LANSA platform. This platform can be retrofitted to existing systems to revitalise legacy applications, as well as serving as the foundation for brand new business systems. The LANSA methodology has stood the test of time – two decades in fact – with our customers recording unprecedented levels of productivity and agility.

LANSA is used by organizations that recognize the many advantages of tailored systems, but who no longer have the time, money or inclination to develop applications the old way. Frustration with in-house development has caused many such organizations to adopt packaged application software to automate their commodity processes; like preparing financial statements or processing the payroll.

But it’s in the gaps created by these generic software packages where the real opportunities to innovate and gain competitive advantage exist – and this is where LANSA fits. Our customers use the LANSA platform to rise above the blandness of packaged software – where you eventually find all competitors running fundamentally the same system – and gain an edge in the time-to-market for new ideas as well as providing their customers with superior service. LANSA users are often regarded as best-in-class in their respective sectors, enjoying lower costs and higher returns than their competitors who either stagnate or get consumed by complexity.


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