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EXTOL helps lean businesses to simplify and accelerate trading partner integration as well as efficiently manage internal application integration. Our comprehensive and easy-to-implement integration solutions generate results in a fraction of the time and with significantly less resource commitment than similar solutions. EXTOL offers companies that often struggle with limited budgets, resources and skills the same level of partner integration and performance that larger organizations enjoy – without the high cost or effort usually associated with integration solutions. The combination of EXTOL’s leading-edge technology and team of industry experts ensures an effective solution for automated trading partner communication. At EXTOL, we simplify and accelerate B2B integration for businesses. For more information about EXTOL, visit


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Created: 2012-03-22
Category: Business Integration
New software package saves time, simplifies partner integration for Oracle users.
Created: 2010-11-02
Category: Business Integration
Joint solution designed to automate manual processes and optimize communications.