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PlanetJ Corporation

PlanetJ was founded in 1998 in Rochester, Minnesota. PlanetJ is now headquartered in San Diego, CA with consulting branches in Rochester, MN; Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY; and Detroit, MI. The staff is made up of Java and Web developers specializing in rapid Web application development. Many of the team are ex-IBMers and had worked in the Rochester, MN plant for years. PlanetJ has done extensive work with some very well known companies including banks, trucking firms, electronics companies, and printer and barcode businesses. PlanetJ also has a great deal of experience connecting iSeries data to the Web in the most cost effective, efficient way possible.

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Created: 2016-03-31
Category: Other Industry Solutions
Many new features, enhancements, changes, and fixes.
Created: 2013-02-26
Category: Other Industry Solutions
PlanetJ's Web Object Wizard, "WOW," is a web application development solution that you can use to cr...