Data science is a priority for your businesses, and data science teams are under more pressure than ever to deliver ROI. What does it look like to deliver business value? Watch this example of how a data science team can help multiple departments prepare for an upcoming storm, reducing the financial and operational impact on the company. IBM’s Irina Saburova and Rosie Pongracz will take you through a demonstration of how the Finance, Operations and Fraud departments benefit from the use of a diverse set of tools and techniques.

Video Chapters: 01:28

- Chapter 1 "Use case scenario overview" Duration (2:26) 03:54

- Chapter 2 "Forecasting" Duration (1:40) 05:34

- Chapter 3 "Optimization" Duration (1:47) 07:21

- Chapter 4 "Fraud Detection" Duration (1:34) 08:55

- Chapter 5 "Streamlining procurement and claim management" Duration (1:35) 10:30

- Chapter 6 "Summary" Duration (2:07)

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Also, be sure to see the companion article on which explains the data science behind this demonstration.

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Get introduced to the IBM Edge Analytics SDK that allows you to enable Edge processing on any device that support Java. This session covers what the SDK is, what features it provides, a summary of the available APIs and a review of APIs leveraged in one of the SDK sample applications. A companion PDF can be downloaded from Edge Analytics Community Page

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