Identify and fix source code vulnerabilities with Code Risk Analyzer, a component of IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery. Watch this video to see a detailed overview of how you can scan your Node.js app in a Git repository before deployment to your Kubernetes cluster on the IBM Cloud.

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Join this livestream featuring perspectives from both Z and Power IBM Champions on Open Source. They'll discuss the benefits of combining open source with these platforms and why this is vital to the future. They'll also discuss how they implement and support open source projects with IBM Z and Power systems. Bring your questions!

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Six IBM developers and developer advocates predict six trends to watch for in 2021.

These include:

  • Multi-architecture Development
  • Thin Terminal Developer Experience
  • Data Privacy in Security
  • Chatbots
  • Edge Computing
  • DevOps

Speakers include:

  • Spencer Krum IBM Developer Advocate
  • JJ Asghar IBM Developer
  • Advocate Megan Kostick IBM Sr. Software Engineer
  • Hana Ibrahim IBM Developer Advocate
  • Mo Haghighi IBM Developer Advocate
  • Luke Schantz IBM Developer Advocate

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In this video from the "Introduction to Java programming" tutorial series, Java Developer Steve Perry will show you how to create a JAR file using the Eclipse IDE. A JAR file stands for Java ARchive, and it's how we share Java artifacts.

LINKS: "Introduction to Java programming" (Series):

COBOL has become the most important programming language on the modern mainframe with an estimated 220 billion lines of code in active use today. In this video, IBMer Jeff Bisti takes you through his experience writing his first COBOL program. Learn why COBOL continues to be relevant for enterprises and developers.

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Virtual machines were the driving force behind cloud computing and revolutionized the IT landscape, but what are they? Let's find out!

Did you know? You can create Virtual Machines with one click on IBM Cloud.
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Interested in learning more? We've created lots of great resources, like:

- Tutorials
- Code Patterns
- Blogs
- Videos

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Join the fight against COVID-19. Form a team. Build a solution. Submit your idea:

Calling on peers across the industry, IBMers stress the importance of joining the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge to take on COVID-19. For the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge, we're calling on you — the world's technologists -- to build solutions to combat the effects of COVID-19 in the following areas: Crisis communication, remote education, community cooperation.

We're looking for innovative ideas that we can help you build and deploy quickly.

Call for Code asks developers to create innovative tech-for-good solutions to real-world problems. The winning submissions will receive $200,000 and support from IBM to deploy your solution in the field. Check out these updates from our past two winning teams:

Project Owl:


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You've probably started to hear the human stories around COVID-19: Those of people helping people. While governments around the world work to address this pandemic on a macro scale, developers have an opportunity to create critical solutions that will work at the community level to provide help where it's needed most. Technology can play a critical role in fostering community cooperation.  

This starter kit will put developers on the road to creating a mobile application that enables community-based cooperation in times of crisis. The application addresses local needs around food, equipment, and other potentially scarce resources. 

It would allow suppliers (such as a stores or community members who have goods they can sell, donate or distribute) to make people aware of what they have. On the receiving end, this app would allow consumers (or community organizations like hospitals and food banks) to locate where these supplies are and, if necessary, guide them to the appropriate locations to pick them up.

Developers can use this application as a launchpad for creating more complex applications that provide additional services using widely available open source tools.

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As COVID-19 affects communities around the world, communications systems have been stretched to capacity with people trying to find basic information around resources, testing, symptoms, and treatment. When communication methods lag, people who need real help can't get access to it. In these cases, chatbots can be an invaluable tool that provides help responding to potentially hundreds of thousands of messages each day. 

To address immediate needs around crisis communication, our team built a chatbot that users can access on a website. The solution connects to Slack, and a voice-enabled chatbot that is connected to Node-RED. The chatbot can even retrieve COVID news through Watson Discovery and query trusted data sources for COVID infection statistics. This starter kit gets developers started using Watson Assistant and shows them how basic workflows would work between the user and backend technology.

Those who take this starter kit forward will have a strong foundation to incorporate publicly available data, subject matter expertise, and further API integrations to create a more complete and robust solution. 

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Superstar Lady Gaga encourages developers, technologists, and problem solvers around the world to take on COVID-19 and climate change by building innovative technology solutions. Learn how you can win $200,000 and have your solution become a reality at

Call for Code is a global coding challenge that encourages technologists to create sustainable software and hardware that addresses some of the world's most pressing issues. Winning teams have the opportunity to work with IBM to deploy their solution in an area that needs it most.

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IBM Vice President of Open Technology Todd Moore shares thoughts on the coming banner year for open source, touching on Containers/Kubernetes/OpenShift, AI tie-ins such as Tensorflow, ONNX, and Pytorch, as well as other cloud native technologies such as Kubeflow. Look for the Java programming language to make waves in 2020 as well.

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In this video, Eric Minick with IBM Cloud discusses application modernization and three transformations that are happening at the same time in architecture, infrastructure, and delivery. Click here to find out what's next for application modernization.

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Andrea Crawford explains what DevOps is, the value of DevOps, and how DevOps practices and tools help you move your apps through the entire software delivery pipeline from ideation through production.

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