IBM Vice President of Open Technology Todd Moore shares thoughts on the coming banner year for open source, touching on Containers/Kubernetes/OpenShift, AI tie-ins such as Tensorflow, ONNX, and Pytorch, as well as other cloud native technologies such as Kubeflow. Look for the Java programming language to make waves in 2020 as well.

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In this video, Eric Minick with IBM Cloud discusses application modernization and three transformations that are happening at the same time in architecture, infrastructure, and delivery. Click here to find out what's next for application modernization.

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Andrea Crawford explains what DevOps is, the value of DevOps, and how DevOps practices and tools help you move your apps through the entire software delivery pipeline from ideation through production.

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In this video, Steve Martinelli, Engineering Manager @ IBM, walks through the tutorial for Watson's Natural Language Classifier service. Watch him create the service, download a dataset, create a classifier, and attempt to classify a few strings of natural language text.

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In this episode ...
-Try your hand at cloud native programming
-Three really smart people say how to migrate to cloud native
-Experience a new cloud offering from IBM
-Discover the real science in Star Wars
-Learn to secure your smart, scalable software future
-Explore answers to common programming questions with an entertaining twist
Start your bot building right
Join a girl who codes in her life
Marek demos how IoT and AI bashes out smarter bots
See what's coming in live coding events

Learn how the IBM Cloud App Service eliminates the need to manually edit config files and allows you to quickly create new cloud native apps. To learn more, visit or contact Andrew Trice (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Bluemix Architect for Global Development Tools Andrew Trice demonstrates how to create a new Node.js starter application, debug it with Visual Studio while it's running in a local Docker container that mirrors the IBM Cloud environment, then deploy to Kubernetes on IBM Cloud.

He does all of this in less than 10 minutes by using the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI to streamline the creation through deployment processes.

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A tour of the Developer Experience on IBM Bluemix. During this quick video we will deploy a simple app to Bluemix using the Bluemix Command Line Interface. This app will interact with a database using a web front end.

This video is the a follow on to: A Tour of Bluemix 2017 -

IBM Developer Evangelist David Okun walks us through creating a REST API with a MongoDB data store and user authentication out of the box -- in just 5 minutes. Follow along with the tutorial for this video on GitHub at

When you're ready to add broader API management capabilities for your API's, you'll be happy to know that Loopback helps power IBM API Connect. With Loopback and API Connect, you can get productive fast and scale when you need it, giving you complete control of your server-side API experience.