Bluemix Architect for Global Development Tools Andrew Trice demonstrates how to create a new Node.js starter application, debug it with Visual Studio while it's running in a local Docker container that mirrors the IBM Cloud environment, then deploy to Kubernetes on IBM Cloud.

He does all of this in less than 10 minutes by using the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI to streamline the creation through deployment processes.

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Conventional MDM, EMM and UEM solutions lack the ability to discover and prioritize the areas that have the most meaningful impact on your organization. Instead, they rely on YOU and your team to self-discover risks and opportunities related to your endpoints, their users, apps, content and data.

"VMware vRealize Automation provides capabilities for an IT organization to manage cloud ecosystems in a seamless way. The collaboration between IBM and VMware was driven by customers need for out-of-the-box interconnectivity and to overcome the challenges of enabling virtual environments. The resulting joint effort has given customers more features and functions in managing their heterogeneous cloud based solutions on IBM Power Systems and z Systems.

IBM Watson is working with people everywhere. Helping businesses, hospitals, students, educators, athletes and more. In 45 countries and 20 industries, Watson is using data to help people make better decisions and discover ideas.

Get introduced to the IBM Edge Analytics SDK that allows you to enable Edge processing on any device that support Java. This session covers what the SDK is, what features it provides, a summary of the available APIs and a review of APIs leveraged in one of the SDK sample applications. A companion PDF can be downloaded from Edge Analytics Community Page

Today, it’s the norm rather than the exception for business staff and contractors to access company data via their mobile devices (aka phablets). Organizations must determine IdM policies that meet both remote users’ need for access and the business’s security requirements. Here Graham Williamson discusses key IdM strategy concerns for phablets—such as encryption and data access controls—and technology trends affecting mobile access. Read more about these topics in Graham’s book, Identity Management: A Business Perspective.

Organizations must be able to use IdM the right way in order to survive and thrive in the digital transformation wave, says IdM expert Graham Williamson. Here Graham discusses trending IdM areas such as federation, secure data sharing, consumer data, and privacy, and how businesses can use each of these areas strategically, to cut costs and improve customer experience. Read more about these topics in Graham’s book, Identity Management: A Business Perspective.

Identity management (IdM) affects every business area, from security to customer relationships. So it’s critical that CIOs and high-level business managers take steps now to fit IdM technology into their business strategy and set IdM policy, says Graham Williamson, in his new book, Identity Management: A Business Perspective. In this video, Graham, an identity and access management expert, defines IdM and explains why management must get up to speed on today’s IdM technology.


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