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    Resolved: All small business systems should be migrated, where feasible, to run Linux, Debian, or OS X rather than any M$ product.

    All servers should be either mid-ranges or mainframes that do not host a M$ micro-environment. All desktops should be running a common Unix-like OS.

    Only open and self-owned source applications should be used, so that enterprise access to, and ownership of, data and methods can be maintained in a truly cost-effective and safer manner.

    Managers and bean-counters can still play games, view porn, and wallow in sport sites at day's end (to avoid going home to be with their children), for now the Web has all that stuff.

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    Cherev...I guess you feel the same way about managers and bean-counters as I do about investment brokers and financial advisors...Only difference is that we don't want them going home at 5:00 o'clock because they club baby seals, chew on urinal soaps, and eat children. And that's after they bully the handi-capped and steal from the blind. >