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Problem copying HTML files in IFS using WDSC

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  • Problem copying HTML files in IFS using WDSC

    If we wish to use an HTML file as a template for a new one by copying it to a new name, WDSC gives us bogus information. If you right click on an HTML file (sribrlch.html in this case), and select "copy" then right click on the path it is in (CGIDEV2) to make a copy of it by selecting "Paste", it says it is copying it and provides a dialog for you to rename the file. When it says it is done copying it, there is nothing new in the RSE list of files. I opened the HTML file I was using and did "File" "Save As" a couple times and was told the file I was creating "already exists" If you repeat the step it tells you the file already exists, but examining the directory with Windows Explorer reveals the file doesn't exist. If you copy the file with Windows Explorer, you find it there when you go back into. Is this a setup thing with us, that we need to change? Does anyone else beside the 4 of us using it get similar problems? Thanks for any help you can offer Dwight HoganCamp