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It's Still a See-Saw Economy

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  • It's Still a See-Saw Economy

    ** This thread discusses the article: It's Still a See-Saw Economy **
    This thread discusses the Content article: It's Still a See-Saw Economy Maria, Thank you for this article. I have forwarded the linked articles to my congressman, and senators. Omitted from the fraud article, is any reference to the H1-B loophole abuse. Here's how this works: According to the H1-B legislation, the H1-B worker is supposed to work only for the sponsoring employer for a three year period unless an exemption is granted. There is no provision made for the circumstance where the sponsoring employer is a body shop! In this manner, the H1-B visa holder may legally perform work for any number of firms, none of which has made any application to show that the particular skills of the worker cannot be obtained from a U.S. citizen (another H1-B requirement). In order to close this loophole, a single additional sentence would have to be added to existing legislation stating that the sponsoring employer may not sub-contract or otherwise lease the services of the H1-B visa holder to any other firm, company or organization. From my conversations with congressional staffers, I do not believe that there is any understanding of this abuse. I have also discovered that companies such as Tata, and Infosys employee many lobbyists to ensure that any information relating to abuse remains obscured. Dave