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OCEAN User Group - So. California Technical Conference - July 16, 2007

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  • OCEAN User Group - So. California Technical Conference - July 16, 2007

    Everyone talks about job security, being worried about jobs being outsourced overseas or being replaced by a twenty-something year old Java or VB programmer, but what are you going to do about updating your skills? While we all know the System i family of computers are years ahead of any other platform, as a group, the RPG programmers have had blinders on when it comes to learning new skills and promoting the iSeries and RPG in their companies. Too many people in our i-community are making too many excuses why they don't go to COMMON or participate in User Group education. The end could be near for them as a programmer in RPG and it might actually be their fault. There are some great user group events around the country and in Canada, but you need to make an effort to get out to them. OCEAN User Group of Southern California offers one of those educational opportunities where you can be brought up to date by some of the best trainers in the iSeries community for a bargain of $175 for COMMON or other LUG members. Training with Bob Cozzi, Bob Tipton, Trevor Perry, Alison Butterill, and Scott Klement could surely enlighten you and charge your batteries. If you can't go to COMMON, you could at least go to the OCEAN or similar user group events. Bring your family to Disneyland for the weekend and attend our conference on Monday. Easy fly in to John Wayne Airport. Get all the details at www.ocean400.org Visit the OCEAN User Group web site