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Article left out SugarCRM

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  • Article left out SugarCRM

    Jon Paris of System i Developer and an MC Press Online Editorial Review Board member notes that in my article, "Free CRM Solutions Can Brighten Up a Recession" appearing July 31, 2009 in MC Tips 'N Techniques, that I omitted an emerging new favorite: SugarCRM.

    "Chris - you forgot SugarCRM which is not only free but with the upsurge of PHP on the IBM i becoming quite popular."

    Jon Paris

    Thanks Jon--I see that SugarCRM has a free community edition called Sugar Open Source available at http://www.sugarforge.org/content/open-source/. It also a 30-day free trial on its commercial versions for those who need more functionality including the Express version, which is $499 per year for up to five users. Sugar Professional, even more robust, is $360 per user, per year, and Sugar Enterprise is $600 per user per year. SugarCRM has a number of nifty new features including integration with third-party data service providers such as Hoover's, JigSaw, and LinkedIn. SugarCRM also has a marketplace where you can browse apps that others have written for the platform.
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    Just to add to the list Chris, the advent of the DB2 Storage Engine for MySQL means that you can write additional programs in RPG (or COBOL or ...) to produce reports, or link the Sugar databases into your own existing systems. Quite a powerful combination.