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Domino mail on Iseries

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  • Domino mail on Iseries

    I am stuck with a problem On Iseries and Domino with my client who is using OS400 and Domino for mailing , the issue is when he starts the domino server and the user starts using the mailing system their bandwidth goes high upto 70% - 80 % which is not happening when they use Mdemon as their mail system which stays at 20% . Initially I thought it was because of domino but after a study made with both the mailing system on a windows platform their usage and packets size where almost same , then I tested with Iseries the mail of 1mb increases to 1.5 mb when delivered which is not happening in windows , So I stopped the domino server and created users in OS400 (ANYMAIL) and started to sniff the data packets with the same 1mb file the result it shows is the same 1.5mb . It is the OS 400 which is generating more packets . I would like to take your help here , I want to know if there are any configuration that has to done on the AS400 TCP/IP setting , I have tried working around the line description configuration with MINDELAY , MAXTHRUPUT, MTU,SPOOLSIZE,BUFFERSIZE, with reference to some pdf on iseries by IBM but in vain . I would be pleased if you could suggest me some tips as to where the actual problem is , I would be grateful to you . Please let me know if you want anymore details on this issue. Waiting for a reply from you at the earliest .