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Barcode printing as400 to Lexmark

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  • h.morgan
    Re:Barcode printing as400 to Lexmark

    Hi. I've got exactly the same setup (2491 & HPJD), and am considering doing the same thing... did you ever get this to work? Thanks, Hugh.

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  • Guest.Visitor
    Guest started a topic Barcode printing as400 to Lexmark

    Barcode printing as400 to Lexmark

    We want to start printing barcodes to our Lexmark 2491 from the AS400 V5 R2. Does anyone know if this is possible? If it is possible can they give me the settings. We have the printer connected to a HP jetdirect box and realized that the hp jetdirect says it can not do barcode. I then tried to directly connect the 2491 to the pc and tried using the Client Access emulator but still the barcode does not print. I tried setting the printer up as IPDS, *vrt, *lan etc but still no luck. Can anyway tell me if this can work printing a barcode from the AS400 to the lexmark 2491 printer. If so how did you get it to work. Thanks