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  • Free Reference Resources

    ** This thread discusses the article: Free Reference Resources **
    ** This thread discusses the Content article: Free Reference Resources **

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    Free Reference Resources

    ** This thread discusses the article: Free Reference Resources **
    There are a lot more lists available at midrange.com than just the two mentioned ... here's a summary:
    List Description
    BPCS-L SSA's BPCS ERP System
    C400-L C programming iSeries / AS400
    COBOL400-L COBOL Programming on the iSeries/AS400
    CODE400-L CODE/400 Discussion & Support
    Consult400 Consulting on the iSeries / AS400
    CPF0000 Open discssion among iSeries Users
    DOMINO400 Lotus Domino on the iSeries / AS400
    Events iSeries/AS400 Community Events
    iSN-Citizens iSeries Nation Citizens Soap-Box
    JAVA101 iSeries users helping each other learn Java
    JAVA400-L Java Programming on and around the iSeries / AS400
    JBAUSERS-L GEAC/JBA System 21 Users
    Linux101 Learning about Linux from an AS400/iSeries perspective
    LINUX400 Linux/400 Discussion
    LINUX5250 Linux 5250 Development Project
    MAPICS-L MAPICS ERP System Discussion
    MI400 MI Programming on the AS400 / iSeries
    MIDRANGE-JOBS Midrange Jobs: Postings & Discussion
    MIDRANGE-L Midrange Systems Technical Discussion
    Midrange-NonTech Non-Technical Discussion about the AS400 / iSeries
    OpenERP400 OpenERP/400 Coordination
    OSS400 Open Source Software for the AS400/iSeries
    Perl400 Perl on and around the iSeries / AS400
    RPG400-L RPG programming on the AS400 / iSeries
    Security400 Security Administration on the AS400 / iSeries
    WDSCI-L Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries
    WEB400 Web Enabling the AS400 / iSeries


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      Free Reference Resources

      ** This thread discusses the article: Free Reference Resources **
      Bob: You missed a few on-line discussions. There's a list of fora at netshare400. There's a similar style of fora at Brad Stone's RPGenerationX web site. The search400 site also has some programming related on-line discussions. And don't forget the newsgroup comp.sys.ibm.as400.misc. Personally, I can't frequent all of them. The fora I visit regularly are at the iSeriesNetwork, here at MCPressOnline, a couple of the Midrange.com mailing lists (RPG400-L, MIDRANGE-L, and WEB400 via the new.gmane.org news server), and comp.sys.ibm.as400.misc. Occasionally, I visit the RPGIV groups at Yahoo Groups, but the web interface isn't very pleasant. The discussion sites with the best web interfaces (IMHO) are the iseriesnetwork.com fora and the MCPressOnline fora. I rarely visit all the other fora simply because there's not really enough traffic to warrant regular visits. Cheers! Hans