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KONOKER Jobs: The new job portal on Facebook

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  • KONOKER Jobs: The new job portal on Facebook

    KONOKER Jobs is a job advertisement and job search portal which allows individuals with Facebook account to advertise regular and freelance jobs free of charge, as well as apply for postings from within the same Facebook application. With KONOKER Jobs, advertisers can post unlimited number of job ads—without spending a single penny. On the jobseeker’s part, all that has to be done to apply for a job is to click a button. One practical highlight of KONOKER Jobs is its location-specific job searching feature, which makes it very easy for jobseekers to find job openings in their locality or geographic region. Moreover with one click, KONOKER Jobs makes it possible for a person to send job ads and resume to his or her friends, either in Facebook or via email. To use KONOKER Jobs, you need to have a Facebook account; you can get that at www.facebook.com. If you are already on Facebook, click this link to add KONOKER Jobs to your profile: http://www.facebook.com/editapps.php...id=49571109387 If your organization has an RSS / XML feed we may be able to include your ads in your feed on KONOKER Jobs free of charge. This offer is limited to 10 companies that we will be selecting. If you are interested, please contact sales@konoker.com See our video on Youtube: 1. What is KONOKER http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG4QCcbjp6Y 2. How you add KONOKER to Facebook http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxEL3zsnOGg