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Senior Programmer / Analyst available in Toronto

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  • Senior Programmer / Analyst available in Toronto

    I have been a professional in the Information Technology industry for over 20 years. My area of expertise is on IBM midrange systems which began with software vendor JBA (Canada) International. Later my skills were used by distribution and manufacturing companies including Cinram International Inc.. and Kohl and Frisch Ltd., Canada's second largest pharmaceutical distribution company.

    Having worked in small IT departments has given me experience with the entire SDLC. Analysis, specification and preparation of requirements, software design, and documentation for implementations was required in virtually all assignments. Systems analysis, project management, database management and end user documentation are some of the additional core competencies I have learned over my career.

    In today's IT environment it is no longer reasonable to assume that knowledge of only a single language will suffice. For this reason I have included other languages, including Java, PHP and SQL, to compliment my 20 years of core midrange languages. These include RPG, CL, DDS and green screen tools such as SEU,SDA and RLU. Over the past few years as the RPG language has matured I have stayed current adding Websphere (RSE), an understanding of the ILE environment and associated languages (RPGILE, SQLRPGLE, CLLE) and implementation of SQL on the iSeries platform.

    I feel that this experience would be a great asset in fulfilling your current project requirements.

    I look forward to speaking with you in the near future so that we may discuss how I can be of assistance to you and your organization.


    Robert A. Rogerson

    Email: rogersonra@gmail.com