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thin client tn5250 sessions won't disconnect

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  • thin client tn5250 sessions won't disconnect

    We have been deploying thin clients and started running into problems. It seems a thin client session can be running fine, but the next day, the user gets an error saying "device not available" when trying to open their session. When I do a wrkcfgsts, it shows "signon display". If I vary off, it immediately comes back to "signon display" status. If I go into netstat and end the connection, it immediately comes back with a connection. We are on V5R2 OS400 and using WRQ Reflection for 5250 emulation. Can someone help? Thank you. Doug

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    Hanging 5250 session

    We have this happen ocasionally with PCs and it can be caused by inactivity time out but mostly for not ending the session correctly by closing it. Usually it will reconnect just by rebooting the PC. Some users absolutely refuse to shut down at night and just do a network logout and then back in the next day because it "TAKES TOO LONG" and thes are the people who have the problem. For us just making sure they close the 5250 session before logging out seems to take care of most of the problems.