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Netserver configuration to allow mapping network drive will not start

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  • Netserver configuration to allow mapping network drive will not start

    I am on V5R4 and can't get netserver to start. I get the error: CPIB683
    13 - The retrieved host IP address of is invalid.

    I don't know where to change the configuration to correct this problem.
    I configured the netserver as:
    1. Do you have user IDs with network drives or printers configured for i5/OS netServer file or print shares? Yes
    2. Your i5/OS NetServer server name should not be changed and you should allow access using the system name. Do you want to accept this recommendation? Yes, use current name: QS10C654B
    3. You must associate a text description with the name of your i5/OS NetServer How do you want to describe your i5/OS NetServer: Description: iSeries
    4. What is the name of the comain where i5/OS NetServer will reside? Domain: JMANET
    Note: i5/OS NetServer should be inthe same domain(workgroup) as the majority of clients accessing file and
    print services.
    5. In addition to providing file and print serving, i5/OS NetServer provides domain logon services. Logon services
    allow you to use the system as a primary location for user information. Do you want to use this i5/OS NetServer as your logon server? Yes
    6. If you use mixed case passwords used by the server. You can allow the server to use the same case passwords to authenticate the client. Do you want to allow the server to use less secure same case passwords when needed? No
    7. i5/OS NetServer supports request signing. Request signing improves security by preventing the modification of data as it passes over the network, but may cause performance degradation. Would like to enable requrest signing? No, reuest signing is disabled.
    8. Guest support is needed for those i5/OS NetServer users requiring only file and print sharing support, but do not have a user ID on the system. If you choose No, unknown users will not have access to resources on the server. Would you like to have guest user support? No.
    9. The integrated file system uses a coded characer set ID(CCSID) to support complex encoding schemes. What is the coded character set ID that you want all clients connected to the server to use? CCSID: 0 - Use i5OS NetServer CCSID
    10. i5/OS NetServer establishes a session whenever a user accesses a shared file or print resource. Once activity on that resource stops, you have the option to keep that session connected for a specified period of time. No.
    11. i5/OS NetServer periodically informs the network that is is available for use. However, the more frequent the announcements, the greater the traffic on the network. Do you want i5/OS NetServer to send browse service announcements to the network? Yes Browsing announcement interval: 720 seconds
    12. you can configure i5/OS NetServer with the address of the network's Windows Internet Naming Serviced(WINS) Server. WINS is a Microsoft protocol that maps NETBIOS names to IP addresses. This allows clients to locate and access i5/OS NetServer shared resources. Do you want to allow PC clients to locate and connect to i5/OS NetServer using WINS? Yes
    13. i5/OS NetServer will use the WINS server for client connections the next time you start i5/OS NetServer. What are the IP addresses of the primary and secondary WINS servers? Primary WINS server: Secondary WINS server:
    14. If you use WINS, you can isolate a group of computers on a network by designating a cope ID. If you do, i5/OS NetServer will only be able to use WINS to communicate with clients that have the same scope ID. WINS will function properly if the scope ID is not configured for both i5/OS NetServer and PC clients. Do you want to specify a scope ID? No
    15. The WINS server allows clients to map server names to their actual IP address. Although the system cannot act as a WINS server, you can enable it to act as a WINS proxy. This enables non-WINS clients to obtain name resolution from WINS. Do you want to enable WINS proxy? Yes
    16. Do you want to start i5/OS NetServer when TCP/IP is started? Yes
    17. i5/OS NetServer supports opportunistic locking. Clients can obtain an opportunistic lock on a file to allow the client to cache some information locally if the file is not in use by another process. This can inprove overall performance. Would you like to allow clients to obtain opportunistic locks? Yes Lock time-out: 30 seconds.
    18. i5/OS NetServer can send administrative alert messages to clients running the Messenger service. Would you like i5/OS NetServer to send alert messages? Yes Minmum severity of messages to be sent 0

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    J. Martin Associates
    5185 Tara Ln., Bossier City, LA 71111 - 7810
    Phone: (318) 752-4109 Cell Phone: ( 318) 773-9484
    Personal e-mail: jmartin@jmartinassociates.net

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    Did you recently change your server IP? That's a public IP too...