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Need old Lattice Docs or .DBF Handling Advice

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  • Need old Lattice Docs or .DBF Handling Advice

    Hello all,

    We have a legacy process that requires Client Access File Transfer, DOS batch scripting, and ancient Lattice programs, to move files from S/36EE (record len=175) to a Native library (record len=200) to a PC DBF file(record len=200).
    This is processed manually within a software package that requires a DBF file.
    Then the scripted process takes the altered DBF file to a txt file (via Lattice-all the header data is removed) back to Native (record len=177) then across to the S/36EE (record len=177) again.

    For multiple reasons, I'm trying to recreate this process to not be PC dependent for processing, not require Lattice installed for any reason and not require the ability to run DOS batch scripts (thus not Client Access File Transfers either).
    I had not believed it would be as complicated as it has turned out to be because, after quite a lot of frustration, I've come to determine that Lattice seems to have quite a lot more built in ability to handle these files that is not apparent from the prc/src files I have access to.

    I've been using primarily Linoma GoAnywhere to build a new project, but have hit a roadblock with the handling of .DBF files. (It handles, flat files, fixed-width, csv and xml files, but not dbf)

    • By any chance, does anyone have documentation for the old Lattice platform, specifically relating to .DBF importing/exporting/handling?
    • OR has anyone tried to handle .dbf files within GoAnywhere back and forth from a PC to an iSeries?
    • OR does anyone know of another way/tool that could be scripted/incorporated into automating this portion?

    I'm beating my head against this, so asking anywhere I can.
    Thank you!

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    if you dont mind to use commercial tools for your approach you may have a look to our products and consulting services.

    iExcelGen is able to generate .dbf files from physical files.

    We can assists you with reading .dbf as well.

    Have a look at our website http://www.goering.de for more information and a contact form.
    I guarantee you a prompt reply and professional assistance.

    Best Regards

    Andreas Goering


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      Hi Andreas,

      I will take a look at the website, but I'm not sure it'll fit our needs. I'm looking for handling from the PC side of the process, not the iSeries end.
      We can already create the .dbf files cleanly from the iSeries and get them to the PC side.
      But taking legacy Lattice programs and Client Series File Transfer out of the equation is what is hindering me.
      It's getting the .dbf files from the PC (shared server space, not the IFS) to be read cleanly so it can be transfered back to the iSeries through GoAnywhere.

      If something looks like it might fit, I'll be in touch though.

      Thank you very much for the reply!


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        Hi Liz,

        I'm looking at my old, hardcopy(+/- 1650 pages), V4.0 manuals right now.
        You can have them, if you are prepared to pay for the transportation and if you are prepared to wait for the arrival of these four books. I'm located in the Netherlands, I don't know how long it would take and how much it would cost.

        Is there something in particular I can look up for you?

        Vol 1:
        Installation guide
        Porting Guide

        Vol 2:
        RPG II Source Utilities

        Vol. 3:

        Along with that is the DFU manual

        You can also contact me offline at LR@SafeWare.nl

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