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WDSC wont start after re-install

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  • WDSC wont start after re-install

    I completely uninstalled, then reinstalled WDSC 5.1, after getting some errors after doing an update. After the update, the product could not find my remote system, (on the left side of the RSE) even though I could still pull up members for edit, from the Iseries Table View on the bottom. Also, none of the help links worked from the Welcome dialog. It also no longer prompted for a user ID and password when I first started the application, until I tried to pull up members. After the reinstall, it does not even start now. It displays a dialog box titled Eclipse. It displays a message, "Problems during startup. Check the ".log" file in the ".metadata" directory in your workspace." Can anyone help (or point me to where I can go for help)? I was getting to like RSE until this occurred... Thanks, JD