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WBI Connector for AS/400

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  • WBI Connector for AS/400

    Anybody out there know if one even exists? We are using WBI to interface between our Product Catologue Software and JD Edwards WORLD. When we first started the project, we were told there was no Off the Shelf connector at the time. So we wrote our own.... or at least a big chunk of it. Everything we need to get Data out of JDE and send it off to WBI. We'll be working on the Inbound side next (maybe). Then we had an offer from a Vendor who has written other connectors. They'd write one for us, charge X Dollars and retain the rights to the code. Now I'm told that there IS an AS/400 connector. I wasn't involved in trying to Find the connector. So I don't know if one has just recently "Appeared" or if it was there all along or if what we've found is "Vaporware" or what. I'm just wondering if anybody out there is doing this (connecting WBI to the AS400) and if so, what they're using in the way of a Connector. If somebody's using one, I'd like to know to what extent it integrates with the rest of WBI. Things like whether or not there's a single user interface to: create objects on both the AS/400 and the WBI Server, troubleshoot, view logs, initiate Jobs etc. Is MQ the Transport vehicle for sending messages? (We're currently using a Data Queue but company standard is MQ) Or is something like ODBC or JDBC being used to tap directly into the AS/400 DB? Thanks, Mike