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  • Dynamic UIM Menu Help

    ** This thread discusses the article: Dynamic UIM Menu Help **

    I very much like your technique.

    Thank your for just showing the minimum amount of lines in the UIM source to get the desired action (linking to a URL webpage for help) ?

    Some questions:

    Is there a way in the CL program to sense broken URLs, and then jump to some minimum UIM help text found on the System i (like using SDA-menu help) ?

    For those of us with a shop standard of SDA menus, can we construct any similar function to invoke offline web-based help text ?

    These would be great add-ons to your (obviously superior) technique, and would make for another interesting article.
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    ** This thread discusses the article: Dynamic UIM Menu Help **
    Great suggestions. I may take your idea of figuring out a way to do that in an SDA menu. Also I'm sure that there's a way to redirect based on a missing document (or broken link). I think it would be a LOT more complicated though. My thought would be assuming that your System I has IFS access to the location of the help document to check for the documents existence and branch to call an API that accessed the help text defined for the menu. I may have to work that one out and post an update.