We had a dspf with a field defined as 941A with wordwrap. The field automatically wrapped at 80 characters and inserting text worked fine to shift text down to the next line. We changed the field to 737A and added the CNTFLD to have it break at 67 characters, the rest of the keywords stayed the same. The problem: When inserting text on a line and it fills to the end, it no longer automatically wraps to the next line. We don't want to go back to 80 characters because we print the text on a fax and it ends up too small. We wanted to have 67 lines of text per line on the fax, and the customers want to see the same format when they type it on the screen. Below is the DDS. Thanks for any help. T2002A* DISCRP 941A B 8 20CHGINPDFT T2002A DISCRP 737A B 9 2CHGINPDFT T2002A CNTFLD(67) A WRDWRAP A DSPATR(HI) A DSPATR(UL) A 65 DSPATR(PR) A CHECK(LC)