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Artech Inc.


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Artech, Inc. has five branches worldwide including GeneXus USA, a leading software company. GeneXus USA is the exclusive reseller of the GeneXus product line in the United States and Canada. Besides selling and supporting the entire line of products offered by Artech, GeneXus USA also helps its customers create and integrate mission-critical applications that adapt easily to relentless business change through its Software Factory Division. Founded in 1991, GeneXus USA is based in Chicago, IL and works closely with the headquarters based in Montevideo Uruguay. Artech has a network of more than 30 distributors worldwide, with over 6,000 GeneXus customers and 35,000 licenses.


GeneXus is the first intelligent tool for automatically creating, developing and maintaining mission-critical, multi-platform applications that can be easily adapted to changes in the business and to the new possibilities opened by the evolution of technology. GeneXus is a tool that captures the knowledge contained in the visions of the users and systematizes it in a repository knowledge base, thus enabling the generation of applications for multiple platforms and architectures. The basic idea of GeneXus is to automate all that can be made automatic: building on user requirements, it automatically carries out the design, generation, and maintenance of the database and application programs.